How to Save Time & Money

Get organized and get your team on board!

Nicole Miller, Marketing Administrator at SCP Group
February 18, 2022 2:30PM EST

With the ongoing pandemic still at large, companies often wonder what the easiest and best ways are to save money. Here at SCP Group we strive to make our customers happy with excellent customer service, quality products, and having services done in a timely manner. While we continue to strive to give that to our customers, there are still some ways that we both could be saving money ourselves. So the underlying question we all want to know is: “How do we save money?”

I’d like to start off by providing a quote that has come up several times, that I believe everyone should hear, “Don’t go broke trying to look rich.” Oftentimes consumers will go to the first place they find when looking for a product or service, and it may not be the most ideal option out there. We are in an era where being quick and simple is overpowering quality and price. At SCP Group we have the affordable prices that you may be looking for and we have the exceptional quality, so that leaves us with “are our clients thinking of us or keeping us in mind?” Shopping locally has become a huge movement lately, but is it the first thing you think of? This is where we want to reach out to you and grab your attention, because we want you to “not go broke trying to look rich.” So how can our business save you some more money? The answer is very simple and generally overlooked. Let’s discuss these options and try to help each other out.

The first way that you can save money is by being organized. While that may sound a little harsh, it’s something that can without a doubt save money on your end. There may be unavoidable factors that come into play, and we understand. It can be extremely difficult getting everyone on your team on the same page, especially with deciding the design you want to go with. Some people may not be able to picture it without having mockups done first, and that’s just the way it is. All we are asking is that you try and get some sort of concept together. This certainly will cut down costs, because you won’t be going back and forth with the designers as much. Their time is valuable, just like your time is valuable to us. We want to do everything that we can possible to ensure that you aren’t being charged an insane amount for design time, but if people get disorganized or don’t have that solid plan it can get pricey. The next way to save money is by getting with your financial decision makers and having your set budget or goal price. While this may seem like a concept that requires very little thought or something that won’t help you with savings, it helps guide us in finding you the perfect product or service. This means that the time it takes on your project will decrease, and therefore you would save money.

On our end, we have been having some trouble with material, due to limited inventories and labor issues in the supply chain. Our goal is to minimize material complications and the effects that it may have on your company. Our “promise” or “guarantee” is that we will do our best to pass some savings onto you, by buying materials in bulk when the inventory is available. Our inventory is 30% greater than normal. We want our customers to feel like they can depend on us to get the job done and get it done right.

We are fully committed to helping your company save money during this stressful pandemic and hope that you will consider us in your next project.